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Gas & Water Line Repair & Installation

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Gas & Water Line Repair & Installation For Your Home

Gas leaks are serious business. We don’t just work with water leaks – we’re also experts at finding and fixing gas leaks in Southern Indiana and Louisville homes. Natural gas is odorless. LG&E or your other local gas company adds a strong-smelling, sulfuric odor to natural gas to help residents identify gas leaks when they occur. If you notice this odor, your safety and the safety of your family is the paramount concern. Leave the building immediately and notify the gas company of a potential leak.

Once a gas leak has been confirmed and the gas service has been stopped, trust Greenwell to locate and repair the problem safely. With our “Call Greenwell, any hour” promise, we will be on the scene quickly to deal with the situation.

If you need leak detection services to identify and locate a leak, call Greenwell. If you need a gas line repaired, call Greenwell. And if you need new gas lines installed or extended in your house, call Greenwell.

The responsibility for your connection to local water line begins at the meter. Make sure the lines to your house are installed, and repaired when necessary, with quality workmanship. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older one, you can trust Greenwell Plumbing to install or repair your water lines properly.

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Gas & Water Line Repair & Installation For Your Business

Greenwell is here to take care of the gas service lines on your commercial building or renovation project. Whether you need a hook-up service for gas appliances in your facility or a repair for something that’s broken, we’re here to help.

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